Monday, May 11, 2009

What else can I put in a flower vase besides flowers?

For decoration, what else can I use? I don't like the idea of fake flowers nor do I want to keep buying fresh flowers so what is an alternative?

What else can I put in a flower vase besides flowers?
I put glass marbles, shells, citrus (lemons and limes), buttons, popurri, dog treats (the bone shaped ones are cute) and in the bathroom, I have a vase filled with pretty bath salts that makes the whole room smell wonderful.
Reply:-Pillar candle

-floral beads

-glass beads

-sea glass

-beads with a pillar candle on top

-flower petals

-Colored jello, then an hour into setting, put objects like flowers, beads in it, (only use half the water it says though and use more than one box)


-colorful candy, skittles, m%26amp;m's, jellybeans

-dried beans

-colored water, regular water, with blue, red, green food coloring in it.

-ornaments, like round decorative balls



Reply:Dried flower bouquet

Long painted sticks almost twice the length of the vase itself with a contrasting color sand to hold the sticks in place.

Plant that lives on water.

Add different types of lentils and rice in layers to make it look colorful. Then on the neck of the vase use a raffia to go round the neck and tie it in a bow . It looks very nice.

Mini turtle

Curly bamboos with a lucky charm in red.
Reply:I have one full of red glass Christmas balls, in the bathroom sea shells, lemons in the kitchen, but they do have to be replaced, also have one full of my wooden spoons.
Reply:Do the beta fish and a live plant on top.They look nice if the vase is clear....
Reply:shiny rocks. or, see if you can make it a min fish tank, with a beta fish

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